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I didn't know that Kayvan was the one who did that.

He doesn't have any friends.

I bid thee a happy voyage to thine abode.

My monthly salary is 300,000 yen.

I need to speak with you right away.

Something bad happened to Terrence.

Linley's at the door. Please ask him to come in.

That's exactly what I mean.

The lagoon's water is cold.

I shouldn't have done this.

You are my best friend!


Jeanette deserves to be punished.


Graham bought himself a cup of coffee.

Many sailors can't swim.

They are now at rest.

It was a very foolish mistake.

He deceived her into buying a precious jewel.

I have a friend who lives in Germany. His name is Naoto. Do you know him?

I hadn't planned to tell you about what happened last night.

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He's only got one shirt because all the rest are being washed.

He's in a good mood today.

Jimmy jimmied the lock.

I would have done it at that time.

Let me see that again, Yvonne.


I beg to modify your proposal.

I don't want to settle for second best.

You're local, right?

I've forgotten my pin number.

Ira's hands are tied behind his back.


Manavendra always smiles at me.

She must be angry with me.

I keep your interests at heart all the time.


Nadeem is a shy and reserved young man.

We must allow his bravery.

I was able to admire its body.


She arranged to meet him at the coffee shop.


What do you think about Marla?

That's what my dad always says.

He went at them with his fists.

The man threw his flute into the lake.

Pratap is still there, waiting for you.

Does someone know where my son is?

I want to recover my valuables.

The bank shuts late on Fridays.

Try to stay a bit more alert to what goes on around you.

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I haven't showered in three days.


Can you remember the first time you saw Shatter?


He had no part in the scandal.

That's very expensive.

I'm on the interstate.

He's always gossiping.

I'll have them take care of it.

Gilles is no more suspicious than anybody else.

I'm so anxious.


Kikki is a baseball fan.

Ji seems conceited.

Hey guys, we've got company!


These answers confuse cause with consequence.

Robin is desperate.

How did the company dream up its new ad campaign?

I am a flawed person, but these are flaws that can easily be fixed.

Why don't you let Ahmed decide?

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From the airport, the Keisei Line Sky-Liner will take you to Ueno Station in 75 minutes.


The policeman arrested the man on the spot.

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It's not allowed.

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Carol tossed the flowers into the garbage can.

Do they have a property for sale here?

Oh, there's a butterfly!

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We sang songs in chorus.


Lum was healthy while his sister was delicate.

There are a few mistakes in this composition.

If John had made that investment, he'd be a billionaire today.


The conquest of America cost between 60 and 70 million lives.

I like the mountains around here a lot, and come often for vacation.

Phrenology was very popular in the 19th century, but nowadays most consider it to be nothing more than a curious pseudoscience.


You're a baby.

I don't want to die!

I'm an orthodontist.

That's where I stand.

The report may be exaggerated.

I'm more famous.

Why did you let them go?

It's nice to have choices.

Tell the truth.

Could you dim the lights a little?

Why did Julia want to talk to Amanda?


After careful consideration, I have decided not to accept this offer.


There's no need to hail a taxi.


Can you do anything to help Hillary?

I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you.

We generally drink tea after a meal.


Jeannette participated in the Boston marathon.


I'm sure Delbert doesn't like Rodger.

You can't touch the paintings.

How did Brent become the boss?

Lori is probably a lot busier right now than I am.

He showed courage in the face of great danger.


I've only seen them twice.


Are you uncomfortable?

Should I call an ambulance?

Hardly had he finished breakfast when the doctor came.

Why won't Brett let his kids go camping with us?

I want my shirt back.


Let's go somewhere tonight, OK?


I think I would have heard gunshots if there had been any.

She's highly intelligent.

I'll be your teacher.


Happy wishing you a Thanksgiving.

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The mind needs exercise as well as the body.

I can't convince Nancy.

I know you better than Thomas does.


It is 7:45.

As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.

Glenn can't make ends meet on her pension. That's why she works half-days as a cleaning lady in a restaurant.


I don't know what to expect.

No one could solve such an abstruse problem

By birth she was a Londoner.

Eleven is a prime number.

Tatoeba boosts your confidence and you are inspired to try further.

I can't talk now.

Sehyo scratched the back of his neck.

The new restaurant opened last week.

My sister is very intelligent.


Don't you think you're being a little overdramatic?

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I'm going to find out who did this.

Dan is a friend from school.

Doctors advise us on our health.

How do I know if a girl is interested in me?

I'd strongly advise against going there.

How much longer are you planning on staying in Boston?

The deer was running by itself.

He has a large family.

I can't give you the answer today.

I need to be at work by 7:30.

It doesn't have to happen again.

The goods arrived in good condition.

We're going to have so much fun.

Could you show Shatter how to use this application?

Is it right, Ms./Mr.?

I am in deep water.

He has become a memory.

A diamond that hasn't been cut does't shine.

Could I get a discount if I pay in cash?

Ti told me that he has no intention of marrying you.

Sanjib didn't like to ask for help.

You can't handle another one.

I've never had a problem with it.

His friends traveled to the town with me.

Japanese and American interests clashed on this point.

There were so many things that reminded Josip of Lois.

The defeated team slowly left the field.

Marilyn looks preoccupied.

You're afraid, aren't you?

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The king governed the country.


Do you think we'll return before dark?

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The child dragged a chair over to the bench so it could reach the biscuit tin.

When I'm in traffic, I change lanes all the time.

This leaf-blower is noisy.

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Dustin can generally be relied on to make good on his promises.